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Wahoo Aluminum Docks

Aluminum Docks hold up to the weather. Wahoo!

Docks in general undergo stress on a twenty four hour basis. Weather, tides, sun, and the natural wear and tear of periodic use take a toll on dock structures. Aluminum construction is a great way to bypass much of the corrosive forces that do the most damage.
Aluminum simply corrodes to a point creating a hard shell around the metal which essentially ceases further corrosion. Wood and steel components are not so lucky. It is easy to see why aluminum constructed docks out last their counterparts.
The Dock Shop sells Wahoo Aluminum dock structures – the best in the business. Call and let us assist you in a no cost estimate and let us help you plan for your Wahoo aluminum floating dock.

The Dock Shop

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, The Dock Shop is a marine services company specializing in Dock repairs, piling repairs, and restorations,
In addition, we are the local dealer for The Touchless Boat cover, X Docks, Cubic Docks, Hurricane Boat Lifts,and a wide variety of marine accessories which make life at the edge of the water just plain enjoyable.
Contact us today to schedule a no cost dockside estimate!