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Boat Covers

Touchless Boat Covers

Protect your boat with the Touchless Boat Cover. Imagine, no more clumsy snaps, straps or rope tie-downs. Use a remote conttrol instead to raise and lower your Touchless Boat Cover in just thirty seconds!

Important Facts About The Touchless Boat Cover

  • The Touchless is the only automatic boat cover on the market
  • It provides the very best protection for your boat’s interior and gel coat
  • Applicable in all weather environments – Saltwater, or Fresh
  • The Touchless cover can withstand wind gusts up to 140MPH!
  • An unpresedented five year warranty on the aluminum frame, motor, and marine grade fabric
  • Installation for boats up to one hundred feet in length
  • Compatible with most lifts and docks and comes in eight colors to choose from

The Jacksonville Area’s Exclusive Dealer

The Dock Shop is the exclusive dealer for the Touchless Cover in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary dockside consultation and estimate.
The Touchless Boat Covers are the world’s easiest fully automatic cover and protection system. Fully automated, The Touchless Coverâ„¢ protection system can operate independently of a recreational vehicle’s lift or service system. By the simple use of a remote or press of a button, the cover will smoothly lower over your boat, motorcycle, golf cart, rv, or personal water craft.
It’s that easy!

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The Dock Shop

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, The Dock Shop is a marine services company specializing in Dock repairs, piling repairs, and restorations,
In addition, we are the local dealer for The Touchless Boat cover, X Docks, Cubic Docks, Hurricane Boat Lifts,and a wide variety of marine accessories which make life at the edge of the water just plain enjoyable.
Contact us today to schedule a no cost dockside estimate!